Updated on 14th September 2021

Recent shipping time frames for popular destinations, there’s still a 3~5 business days waiting time for DHL/FedEx/UPS parcels on top of the delivery time.

DestinationServiceDelivery Time (business days)
European UnionDPD or DHL from Belgium*10~15
United KingdomRoyal Mail*5~7
United StatesDHL/FedEx4~7
CanadaCanada Post*10~12
*Customs clearance included

Updated on 5th May 2021

HK DHL service is not accepting parcels weight less than 5kg to some European countries, we will be using UPS or TNT as alternative ways, EU dedicated service (clear customs in Belgium) is still our main method shipping to EU countries.

All services are still experiencing a 3~5 business days waiting time due to limited numbers of flights.

Current shipping services and time for some popular destinations (time may vary from time to time):

DestinationServicesTime (Days)
UKRoyal Mail/Yodel8~10
CanadaDHL/China EMS/Xpress5~7/12~15/10~12
JapanDHL/China EMS3~7/7~15
EUBelgium or Nederland DHL15
FranceLa Poste (Transfer from Belgium)12~15
GermanyDeutsche Post (Transfer from Belgium)8~10
ThailandThailand dedicated service7
RussiaChina EMS/CDEK20~30

Updated on 4th November 2020

Due to the latest wave of Covid-19 in the Europe, DHL HK temporarily suspended small parcel service to the following destinations:

Germany, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Romania, Nigeria

EU dedicated service via the UK is still working normally.

The current DHL/UPS waiting time for other destinations is about 3~7 days.

Updated on 3rd July 2020

As the Covid-19 situation has been eased in many countries, the shipping speed is getting faster, the queue time of DHL was shortened to 3~5 days.

New shipping method for Germany, France, Spain is available now! Customs clearance is included, local delivery will be fulfilled by local post office, the quoted shipping time is 7~9 days (may vary according to flight schedule), please contact us for item eligibility.

Updated on 27th May 2020

Please expect 7-12 business days of waiting time for DHL shipping, please refer to the details in the previous message below.

Good news for Russian customers, dedicated service for Russia is back! The average shipping time would be 15 business days, as usual, the local delivery will be fulfilled by CDEK.

Updated on 21st April 2020

New shipping services:

Australia: dedicated shipping, advised shipping time is 10~12 days, delivery will be fulfilled by Australia Post, no surcharge for remote area, some items may be not eligible, please check with us.

Canada: dedicated shipping, advised shipping time is 12~14 days, delivery will be fulfilled by Expedited Parcel, some items may be not eligible, please check with us.

Our current handling time could take up to 5 business days.

We are working closely with couriers to ship our orders ASAP, things could change rapidly in this pandemic moment and we will update the shipping service status regularly, please make sure to contact us before ordering.

EMS (POST OFFICE) is in use but expecting 2~3 weeks delay

UK dedicated shipping (Royal Mail) is working normally with minimum delay, current shipping time is 10~12 days.

EU dedicated shipping via UK is working normally with minimum delay, current shipping time is 12~16 days.

Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand dedicated shipping has less impact, expecting delivery time is 7~10 days.

For other destinations, HK DHL is our primary choice of courier, it is experiencing at lease 10 days delay due to sharply increased numbers of parcels, nevertheless, it’s still the most reliable and fastest way for delivery.

For DHL parcels, tracking number will be available in 2~5 days after the completion of export processing.

Once DHL tracking number is available you will see ‘Shipment information received’ it means it’s still waiting for flight schedule.

You are only able to see the delivery date if the flight is scheduled and tracking shows ‘shipment picked up’, and at this stage, the delivery will be very quick as usual.

We are unable to ship to the following destinations due to various shipping restrictions:

Burkina Faso, Comoros, Guinea-Bissau, India, Libya, Mauritius, Mayotte, Nepal, Pakistan, Reunion Island, Russia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Venezuela, Spain (08700, 08710, 08711, 08712, 08788), Austria (5542, 5611, 5612, 5630, 5632, 5645, 6553, 6555, 6561, 6563, 6580, 6754, 6762, 6763, 6767, 6888, 9844), France (07000-07099, 07110-07999, 26110-26190, 26217-26900), Portugal (3880000-3880999, 3885000-3885999), Italy (Milano Rho, Milano Mose Bianchi, 83031, 84035, 84036, 84030), Cezch Republic (Litovel, Cervenka, Unicov)

We will keep updating the shipping service and try to find the best possible way for delivery, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us