Chord Hugo2 Fraud Alert!!

We recently experienced a Chord Hugo2 fraud on eBay and now I would like to share this with our fellow audiophile, we hope you could spread the word to your community and forums to stop the fraud.

The original listing is here, and we also had it on our website

This buyer insisted to place the order on eBay even though he was going to pay more (listing price + local tax), we didn’t need to pay for the eBay final fee because that listing is a promotion listing, so it doesn’t affect us in any way.

This order was delivered on 24th September in New York

Everything seemed very normal, so 5 days after the delivery we left the buyer a positive feedback (this eBay account could be a stolen one, and the account has been removed by eBay)

Right after we gave the positive feedback, he requested for return and gave us a negative feedback, shocking! This was the first negative feedback we got ever! However, this negative feedback is not visible now because it was removed by eBay later on.

Anyway, eBay asked us to provide a return shipping label for the buyer to return the “defective” item, and we did. The original address of the buyer is in New York 10006, however, the parcel took off thousands of miles away in Miami, weird.

It has been a long wait for the parcel to return from the US, while we were still waiting for the returned item, we received the email from eBay regarding the outcome of the dispute, it found favour in the buyer and refunded him but we are covered by the Seller Protection so we don’t have to pay it back, how lucky we are, thank you eBay.

Here comes the highlight of this story, when the parcel was received today, look what we got! A scented candle!

So, this scammer got a free Chord Hugo2 now, most likely he is going to sell it, please be aware of this scammer!!

Here are some key points we need to share and hope fellow audiophile could spread the word and stop this scammer keeps doing the same thing.

  1. His email address is, it could contain his real name.
  2. The serial number of the Hugo2 he got from us is H025782, whoever is trying to sell this device could be the scammer!

Please let more people know and don’t get involved with this scammer!

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