Identify FAKE Campfire Audio Andromeda

As long as something became popular there will be counterfeits, and Campfire Audio Andromeda is no exception, which also proved that Andromeda is one of the most successful IEMs in recent years.

We have been handling all kinds of Andromedas for several years now, we helped and educated our customers on how to identify counterfeits, and we can ensure every piece that was sold from us is genuine.

If I didn’t point it out can you identify which one is genuine?
  1. The Screws
Straight forward, isn’t it

2. The CNC cutting pattern

Please excuse my awful drawing, this is actually the part where the cable goes, the curve was cut by CNC machine, the pattern on the genuine one is much finer because there were more cuts, on the other hand, the curve on the counterfeit is rougher and cheaply made.

3. No Packaging and accessories

Beware of “naked” Andromedas, especially the green ones because as far as we know there was no counterfeit limited edition Andromedas.

However, we are aware that people have counterfeit Andromedas with genuine packaging and accessories because there are people selling their own ones.

4. The sound

People who are selling fake ones claim the sound is identical with the genuine ones but we can guarantee that it is not true.

Buy from us and save you the risk 🙂

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